The Push to End Noise Pollution for Better Health

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Removing the world of all its excessive noise is an extremely daunting task, and one that Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet, wants to accomplish. Their mission is to spread awareness regarding the negative effects noise pollution causes, and to reduce noise in communities.

Noise Pollution, Why Does It Matter?

Hearing loss is caused by excessive noise, which can negatively impact health in general. Noise pollution is recognized as a real and present danger to human health and overall well-being by organizations such as the World Health Organization, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and U.S. Census Bureau. As many as 26 million Americans have high frequency hearing loss, most likely caused by exposure to excessive noise in their environment.

Excessive noise has also been linked to sleep deprivation, cardiovascular disease, tinnitus, and an increased risk of mental illness.

The European Cardiology Review concluded in a recent study that there’s a connection between exposure to everyday transportation noises and high blood pressure. The study also determined that noise pollution should be considered as a new risk factor towards cardiovascular disease. A study published in Germany from 2016 found that depression and anxiety increased as the annoyance from noise grew.

Noise Free America believes the answer to noise pollution is for each state to adopt a comprehensive noise code, regulating the decibel (dB) levels on everything from noisy cars and busses, to lawn equipment, barking dogs and animals, construction, and noisy waste removal vehicles and procedures.

How Can You Help?

The fight against excessive noise pollution can begin right away in local communities where residents are committed to resolving the problem.

Anyone who is interested can sign up with Noise Free America for updates and alerts on fighting noise pollution. There’s always a need for volunteers to assist with lobbying, research, community outreach, as well as fund raising and awareness towards the cause, and how to start local chapters and awareness.

Stay protected for yourself, and your family, from excessive noise. For more information on noise pollution and the impact it can have on your hearing, schedule an appointment with one of our hearing healthcare professionals today. (link) We will always be on the lookout towards ways we can make our environment quieter, allowing healthy hearing for the rest of our lives.