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Let Us Take Care of Your Tinnitus!

We are proud to announce that the Belsono Hearing Center’s Network of hearing healthcare professionals is now the exclusive providers of Sound Options – Tinnitus Treatment in your area! Each of our professionals are trained in using personalized sound therapy to treat tinnitus. Get started today!

What Makes Our Treatment Options The Best Choice?

  1. 90% clinically PROVEN success rate
  2. You get to enjoy the treatment on a regular music playing device which makes our treatment convenient and affordable.
  3. Our software uses your personal profile and turns music into your personalized sound therapy.
  4. Treatments are customized to fully cater to your specific needs.

Getting Started

The process is fun, fast, and easy! From start to finish the process is completed within 48 hours. After just three simple steps you will be well on your way to finally getting relief from your tinnitus symptoms.

Step 1: Visit your local Hearing Health USA clinic and have our friendly and knowledgeable providers complete your Tinnitus Assessment. Use our clinic locator to find the location nearest you!
Step 2: Our state of the art software then uses your assessment to make unique changes to music based on tinnitus research.
Step 3: Lastly you will receive custom tailored music melodies specifically designed to reduce your tinnitus symptoms.

Schedule an appointment at the location nearest you to get your personalized sound therapy treatment and find tinnitus relief fast!

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