About Us

Belsono Hearing Centers is a part of a unique network of 33 reputable hearing healthcare clinics in the United States. Our locations are currently housed in 8 states and are rapidly growing. Our hearing healthcare providers follow a service model which offers a personalized patient care approach, while presenting the latest in hearing healthcare technology at unmatched pricing.  This exceptional approach has quickly made Belsono Hearing Centers the trusted “go to” professionals in their respective communities. The foundation of our network lies in our hearing health professionals and their dedication to those they serve.

Mission Statement

We believe the financial investment made in hearing aids goes far beyond the actual device. With this investment, you are also gaining the ability to hear and participate fully in your life. We make extraordinary efforts to analyze the hearing needs of each of our patients to reconnect them to the things they love.

Patient Promise

We passionately serve our patients with the highest level of professional skill while providing individualized hearing health education, offering the most advanced hearing enhancement solutions, and ensuring excellent and enduring care.